Monday, August 29, 2011

Oh, the Humanity!

Pardon the photo from my obsolete cell phone, but this is news. The last time I walked past this place it was open. Now it isn't. In case it doesn't ring a bell, it's close to the corner of 1st & Battery. It used to be swanky, swanky Cascadia, where deals were made and money was no object. Then it became this tapas place. It looked decent enough, but I never went there. Funny thing, whenever anyone says "tapas bar," I instantly think they're saying "topless bar." My hearing isn't so great sometimes. Anyhow, it appears that 1st & Battery is the place where restaurants go to die. First there was the Del Rey - OK, that was a bar - then Twist and Ventana, now this place, whose name I never committed to memory. Strange, because all the restaurants next door in that Belltown Court complex all seem to be thriving, from Bisato to Belltown Pizza to La Vita E Bella and they've all got a rather inconvenient bathroom configuration. Unfortunately for this tapas place, even having a toilet brought to your table probably wouldn't have helped.

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Anonymous said...

Great memories of the space decked by its Cascadia hat. With McCaw and vegetarian roots. Too much to explain, but the spirits linger. R.I.P