Thursday, August 25, 2011

Another Film at the Rivoli!

OK, so this picture doesn't look like much and apologies for that, but yesterday there was yet another film crew at my building. It wasn't exactly the Rivoli proper; it was at Action Small Appliance. They're my downstairs neighbor. Yay!! I knew something was up yesterday morning when there was all this door-slamming and sounds of equipment being hefted. Later on, about half a billion production assistants showed up to say things over walkie-talkies. I thought for sure that the See Sound was being used for retakes of that Kristen Bell-Aubrey Plaza epic, Safety Not Guaranteed, but no. It's a completely different movie. This one is called Eden. According to the mighty IMDB, it stars Beau Bridges (currently the lesser of the Bridges brothers) and a chick with a very large forehead. I did not see either of them or anybody else in the cast (whose names do not sound familiar) on the sidewalk in front of the Rivoli. Evidently, they had need of a small appliance store and Action suited them fine. It's nice to see the film industry return to Seattle. We kind of screwed ourselves over in the mid-90s and everybody simply shifted up to Vancouver. Having a film set here every so often makes it seem like a city.

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Anonymous said...

Dang! Missed this action on 2nd. That day I was hurrying back to 1st & Blanchard from Honolulu. Sorry for my loss.