Sunday, April 10, 2011

Graffiti B Gon

You know, the storage building's big red door at 3rd & Stewart offers a tempting canvas for any dumbass tagger. And indeed, they get tagged a lot, because as you know, everybody is interested in people who spray paint their names on things. Here's what their big red door looked like just a few days ago:

What the heck does that say? I seem to recognize a D in there but little else. Yeah, it's not much to look at. But these storage people do not mess around. This bit of visual noise was gone in a day. Bravo, I say. The building across from me got its roof tagged something like two months ago and they still haven't done anything about it. I wish they were as speedy about clearing it up as the storage commandos. Anyhow, hats off to the consummate anti-taggers!

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