Sunday, April 3, 2011

Further Evidence of Spring

Well, folks, a year ago, the buds burst forth all at once and early. And of course, that was followed by a bunch of cold and miserable months. Luckily I was away from it all in Ukraine and Turkey. This year, things are a lot more tentative. The pear trees across the street are in bloom, but it's kind of like, meh, I'll take pictures when they start displaying mass bud action. There are some nice things to see around this rotten neighborhood, though. Like this:
The Grange Insurance gardens at 2nd & Cedar are very pleasant this time of year. And they take very good care of them. Even in the previous week's foul weather, they're really something to see. The cheery trees are still in bloom there, so stop by and dig some blossoms, willya? Speaking of cherry trees, as predicted these guys are popping on Battery, between 5th & 6th:

This is the old Frederick Cadillac/Teatro Zinzanni lot that is now home to a lot of scrappy stuff that would be more at home in Georgetown - and these Mt. Fuji cherry trees. Last year, they just exploded mid-March. This year, like everything else, they're not so decisive. But they still are pretty up close.

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