Sunday, June 21, 2015

Your Sunday Squirrel

OK, so I guess this has really devolved into a squirrel blog. I did see a herd of goats under the Viaduct this morning, but I didn't have a camera, so you won't see any pictures of that.  Anyhow, I was absolutely beset by squirrels yesterday in the upper part of Denny Park.  They took me for all the peanuts I had.  This was the smallest, shyest fellow of them all.  I have no idea why he would want to eat a peanut upside down, but squirrels do weird things most of the time.  I got a lot of other good shots, which I will be sharing in the weeks to come.  And yes, I plan on posting about Belltown, too, at some future point.  For now, though, enjoy the squirrels.  And if you have the time, visit them in Denny Park.  Bring peanuts.  They like that.

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