Sunday, November 9, 2014

The New Calendar!

Here is the cover-squirrel.  Last year, I stuck with Cafe Press, but they were so terrible (and expensive) that I decided to take a different route.  This time around I'm going with Vistaprint.  They're much cheaper and easier to use.  The only thing is that I had a little store via Cafe Press and tried to drum up some business via this crappy blog.  Unfortunately, my sales were zero over the last two years.  So why keep trying?  I'm just going to buy a bunch and give them away.  Like I said earlier, most of my visitors are most definitely spam-bots, so appealing to actual humans seems pointless.  Why maintain this crummy blog?  Well, what else am I gonna do?  I'm stranded in this town for the moment, so I might as well post stuff about it.  

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