Sunday, October 26, 2014

Pumpkin Bash

I went to the Pumpkin Bash at the zoo this weekend.  Here are just a few photos:
This is a not-very-good picture of a hippo eating a pumpkin.  You'd think that such a large animal would make quick work of a gourd, but no, there's a lot of chomping involved.
Here are the otters with their pumpkin.  They don't eat them; the zookeepers put fish inside them and the otters have to get them out.  Their pretty hilarious little beasts.  Even without the pumpkins, they're very entertaining.  They caper around and swim and suddenly, they all collapse in a heap and take a nap.

The giraffes below didn't get pumpkins, but I did catch them at a moment when they looked noble and sad.  Plus they were gazing out in different directions.

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