Sunday, August 31, 2014

News Non-Flash!

OK, I've always said that I'm slow on the uptake.  I have a good excuse for that recently, because I was recording.  (Incidentally, the album is very good.)  Well, that's over now and I'm able to reacquaint myself with this lousy neighborhood. Last Wednesday I'd been writing music all the livelong day, so I decided to take a stroll.  You may or may not recall that it was super-hot.  No matter, I ventured out.  Imagine my surprise when I passed the Frontier Room and saw that it was closed.
What will we tell the children?  Wow, that place has been around for longer than I've lived here.  Of course, the Frontier Room of recent memory was quite a bit different from the one in the nineties.  You know, it was the one with the really super-rude bartendress.  For some reason, she became the principal attraction.  I didn't go there very often, but when I did, I never had any problems with her at all.  She would, however, just go off on some random slob who didn't order fast enough.  And along with the Nite Lite, Gibson's and My Susie's Oriental Lounge, it was a true dive.  In case you're keeping score, the Nite Lite is the sole survivor.

Like I said, those days are long gone.  The Frontier Room changed owners and lost some of its filthy magic.  And now it's closed.  Well, things change.  I'm sure something's going to go in there, but it most likely won't be an updated version of the Frontier Room.  

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