Sunday, April 6, 2014

Your Sunday Squirrel

Although I was at Denny Park almost every day this week, it was difficult to get good shots.  This one is from a few weeks back when I had plenty of hazelnuts for any interested squirrel.  This week was not the greatest week in history, as I was informed that I have to vacate my storage space in the building.  Apparently, the space is being rented out.  OK, so it has no street or public access and there's nothing even remotely appealing about it.  I dunno, I'm thinking either the club (Corbu Lounge; formerly SeeSound) is expanding or it's gonna be a weed growing operation.  The building's managers have told me nothing and I haven't been exactly pleasant to them about this situation.  We're not on the best terms anyway, so we'll see what happens with the space.  The major pain is that I have to shed my 78 record collection and almost all my bad art.  For about a year in the nineties, I went to Goodwill and the Salvation Army looking for the very worst in art.  I totally found it.  There are some enduring classics.  Hey, if anybody wants it, let me know.  The sooner, the better, since I'm trying to clear out the space by the end of the week.  This whole thing is super-inconvenient.  Life is an accumulation, but I accumulate more than most.  I'm no minimalist and my apartment is filled to capacity already.  The most galling aspect is that most of the items relate to Mackris v. O'Reilly, my neo-baroque oratorio that was performed seven years ago.  It was something of a financial catastrophe and I still have a ton of posters, music, CDs, t-shirts and related items.  I can't really throw this stuff away, as I once loved this piece as one would love an ungainly child.  But it failed.  Boy, did it ever.  And there's just so damn much stuff. 

So my apartment already has more than enough boxes of unsold CDs lining the walls.  I'm about to get more.  Plus t-shirts.  And posters.  And all sorts of other stuff that I can't part with, but don't want.  Sure, there's always the public storage option, but the prospect of paying another $100 a month doesn't appeal.  I guess I'll just have to start looking like a hoarder.  I hear the ladies dig hoarders.

But seriously, if anybody wants to adopt my bad art collection, let me know.  I'll hold back just a few pieces and you gotta take the rest.      

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