Monday, April 21, 2014

It's Out Now!

It's called Untitled Vanity Project and today it can be yours!  I recorded it more than two months ago and it seems like forever.  But as I've previously said, it was an incredible experience.  Songs that I judged as merely passable going into the session became amazing, and tunes I thought were amazing became super-amazing.  Thanks to the addition of a very hard-hitting drummer, this album really embraces the rock 'n' roll like nobody's bidness.  Not only do you get some fine all-live (meaning that there are real humans playing real instruments in a real studio) garage tracks, but there's also some very rockin' electronic stuff, too.  And then there's a blend of live and electronic throughout.  This also works well.  Seriously, it's a fine album.  I was so lucky to work with such great musicians. 

But don't take my word for it.  You can preview the whole damn thing here.  The last album got some decent airplay.  This is going to get more.  You can get in on the ground-floor action by purchasing a copy.  Then you can rip tracks and send them to all your friends.  Once it's yours, you can do that.  I'm not gonna sue you.  What am I, Metallica?  No indeed.  

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