Sunday, October 6, 2013

Bell Street Park - Lurching Toward Completion

I walked past the Bell Street Park construction on 4th yesterday and I'm a little surprised at how slowly it's going.  They've only finished one block and that isn't very impressive.  Like I've said in the past, it looks more like a traffic revision and less like a park.  And all this was supposed to be done in 2009.  Regardless of how disappointing it may turn out to be, it will be an improvement over this:
They've been working on this stretch between 3rd and 4th for over a month and it still looks like downtown Stalingrad. 
This block isn't much better.  

I feel pretty sorry for the people facing all this action.  Well, in time (probably a lot of time), it will be done.  And then there will be bums sleeping in the bushes.  Fun!  

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