Sunday, July 28, 2013

Day of the Dragons

Every Saturday, I walk down to Lake Union to watch the seaplanes come in and dock at the Kenmore Air terminal.  It's usually very empty and serene, even at this time of the year.  Yesterday, however, it was the scene of lots of activity.  See:
All kinds of people were there for dragon boat races.  Normally, there's a dragon boat that launches at around the time I show up for the planes.  This time of year, they might manage to muster two.  There were a lot more than that yesterday.  
Here's a boat.  They have a drummer who sits up front.  
This is some of them racing.  The boat on the left won by a mile.
Each team wore its colors.  It was like gang warfare without the body count!
It's a real thing.  They have their own sign.  See?

Well the seaplanes landed in a swarm.  There were about seven of them.  It was quite thrilling.  The racing didn't allow a few of them to dock for a while.  But they finally did.  And then I left.  And that's the end of my story.

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