Sunday, May 12, 2013

Belltown Hosts Yet Another Running Thing

It was called the Color Run.  By my guess, there were several thousand participants.  Everybody was manically perky.  Hey, since when was running in tutus a thing?  There were a lot of people (mostly women) wearing them today.  Anyhow, here are some photos:
My advice is to never call anything the happiest something or other.  In this day and age, it just sounds sinister.  
They tossed colorful stuff on people between Lenora and Virginia.  I'm sure all that "non-toxic" pigment is great for the lungs.  
It's people going in both directions all the way to/from Seattle Center.  Like I said, there were thousands of people.  And many of them were totally amped.  And, like many running events, there were lot and lots of folks who looked like they had no business putting on running shoes.  But who am I to judge?  I went to the gym and ran my 5k on a machine.  A machine!

In conclusion, beware of people in large groups.  

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