Sunday, December 23, 2012

Your Sunday Squirrel

OK, this isn't mine.  Cousin-in-law Sergei sent it to me.  At least I think it was him.  You remember Cousin-in-law Sergei, don't you?  He drove Cousin Arsen and me to Chernivtsi back in September.  You can read about it here.  It was a great jaunt and Cousin-in-law Sergei was a fine fellow.  I think I might have told him that I was looking to photograph a red squirrel or he may have simply read this crappy blog.  You don't even need to know English to figure out what's going on here.  Anyhow, many thanks to him for the squirrel and multilingual Xmas wishes.  And if it wasn't Cousin-in-law Sergei, then who the heck was it??

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