Wednesday, December 5, 2012

The Worst Christmas Card Ever

First a little background.  So I've been working at the Darth Vader building for about three weeks now.  It's a fine admin job and I like it.  One of my chores is to sort the mail.  Today we got this Christmas card that was addressed to the place next door.  I thought, "OK, fine, I'll just run it over to the neighbors."  Then I turned it over:
Where to begin?  I apologize for the BW scan; I put this on the copy machine to preserve it forever before dispatching it next door.  I never opened it.  I didn't have to.  There was a clear window on the back that made the entire card visible.  These people seem overly proud of their creation.  Only the child seems horrified.  And for good reason, too.  If my father was wearing a diaper, I'd be upset.  They obviously spent time in planning and executing the card - I can appreciate that - but the result?  It's truly one of the more disturbing holiday cards I've ever seen.

Anyhow, if by chance you're the creator of this card, you might want to rethink your concept, say, matching sweaters or something - anything - that isn't this.        

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wdavis said...

Hey thats me -- omg I cant believe it where did you , oh , hey were right next door pally ooh come monday Im going over there and Im going to find you mr sunday squirrels and give you a piece of my diapered mind , oh yeah baby , my baby too, and maybe if I can find that angel that appears in all my photos , and when Im microwaving my dinner, Ill bring her too ! Ohhhh I cant wait for monday!