Monday, July 30, 2012

The Brand-New Target!

There it is! It opened only yesterday at 2nd & Pike and it's very gleamy. Everything kind of sparkles. Although they call it a small store, it's got like three very gigantic floors to it. I investigated two of them. Yeah, it's pretty huge. Hopefully, it will work out in that location. Nothing else has. I really loved the theaters that were there once upon a time. But they're long gone. I saw one of the Bill and Ted movies there. Anyhow, enough about nostalgia. I might be able to do all my Christmas shopping without leaving downtown now. I'm not really counting on that, but that will always be the dream. So let's wish this Target the best of luck. Oh, and I thought this sign was either in completely bad English or there was this glaring typo that only I could detect, but I realize now that both are incorrect; it's merely awkward English. See what I mean? There are much better ways to say this.

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