Wednesday, June 13, 2012

The Bastards!

Take a look at this, sweet people. You've seen this shot before. It usually looks like this: That's right, all those Mt. Fuji cherry trees have been cut down. Two days ago, they were still standing; today they're gone, hauled away, dead. They were around 40 years old from the look of them and originally planted to help sell Cadillacs. I guess they're developing the lot. But did they really have to cut them all down? This is really an awful thing. Every spring, they would just explode with blossoms. Like this: They were beautiful trees, but now there's no bringing them back. Look, I'm all for developing the holy living hell out of Belltown, but jeez, there are limits. These trees were neighborhood treasures. With absolutely no one caring for them, they managed to thrive. They put on a great show every spring. But not any more. Well, nice move, guys. Thanks a million. Now Belltown is just that much uglier.


Anonymous said...

That is indeed shitty. Shame!

Anonymous said...

And then there were my beloved blackberry bushes that I viewed during my weekly walks to Whole Foods from 1st Ave via Blanchard, season after season. Replaced by two apartment towers under construction.

Anonymous said...

hey, this is bad! Don't developers have to keep the trees? Sometimes you see signs taped to the trees when construction starts and then the developers go to great lengths to protect the trees, building boxes around the trunks. Time to contact some city department about this, because I don't think it was allowed.