Sunday, March 11, 2012

New Construction!

This project has been going on for some time, so unless you don't get out, this will be news to you. Well, after more than 10 years after the Speakeasy burned, they're finally building something on this lot at 2nd & Bell. I say condos, because that's usually the answer. When they first began work there, I figured it was a staging area for the new Bell Street Park, but it wasn't. While we're on the subject, where's Bell Street Park? I mean, even the re-updated sign (at 1st & Bell) says it's supposed to be done by now. What's the deal? Anyhow, congratulations to the above site, as it looks like they're getting their very own construction crane.


Anonymous said...

Yep it's an 8 story condo building

Anonymous said...

Ah.. the Speakeasy. Daily I went their to enjoy the staff, other patrons, and the computers in probably equal proportions. Ten years, and I have never found anyplace that comes close.