Sunday, March 11, 2012


This is the scene at 2nd & Stewart. They're tearing down the parking garage, presumably to build condos. Good luck with that, guys. I parked my car here for over 10 years. It was a good operation at the time. It was convenient, the rates were reasonable and I knew all the guys who worked there. Then it got sold around 2006 or so to somebody who wanted to develop the property. All the guys working there got laid off, but the garage stayed open. The new owner contracted services out to United Parking who are owned by Diamond. They were terrible. In four months, my rates went up by $50. That's when I headed out for cheaper pastures. These days I don't have a car, which makes things much less complicated. But then again, it means I have to ride the bus a lot. That is not always pleasing. Anyhow, until the last few years, the garage was a good place to keep a car. Now it's not even a garage anymore.


Anonymous said...

Well, taking transit is the future in terms of environmental preservation, right? Plus, the removal of the ride-free-area later this year might make taking the bus more pleasant. Let's see.

TripTrumpet said...

What, no more sitting next to a wino giving loud and insightful commentary on the wrongs of the city? Or the bus stopping at every stop and having to use the ramp-thingie which makes the ride through downtown so fast and efficient?