Sunday, June 5, 2011

Your Sunday Squirrel

This is all the same squirrel. He was so friendly and so hungry. He's the first squirrel to take peanuts right out of my hand and not be weird about it. I also managed to carry on a conversation about squirrels and raccoons with a nice Russian guy while taking pictures. I even made a little movie of this little fellow eating, but I'm afraid I lost it. It's too bad. At one point, he stops eating his peanut and looks straight into the camera. But alas. I finally had to stop feeding him. Otherwise, he would have gotten too fat to climb trees.

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Anonymous said...

OMG, what a great start to my week. Remarkable shots. Dang; I'll have to start walking beyond Whole Foods when marching up Blanchard ... or maybe invite some squirrels into the nut department at the store.