Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Showbiz Is Neat!

It may not look like much, but this is a notice that they're going to be filming a real showbiz film right here at the Rivoli. Actually, it's down in the noisy and depraved See Sound Lounge, but it's still in the building. The Rivoli's run-ins with movie glamour are few but notable. The Alan Rudolph feature Trouble in Mind was filmed here owing to the nicely customized apartments and presumably low fees they had to pay. I mean, it was 1985 and half the building's units were uninhabitable. But you couldn't tell it from watching the movie. I don't remember much about it other than it's set in some kind of mythical American fascist society and that Divine gets killed in it. Oh, and Lori Singer takes lots of baths.

This feature is called Safety Not Guaranteed. One of my waggish neighbors is correct; it's not the greatest title in the world. But it does star the lovely Kristen Bell, the very funny Aubrey Plaza (from Parks and Recreation) and Mary Lynn Rajskub, who was about the only character on 24 besides Kiefer Sutherland who didn't get killed or go insane. It's unknown whether any of these folks will be in this scene. The mighty imdb tells me nothing else about this effort, except that it's partly produced by the Duplass brothers who brought you the enjoyable Cyrus and the past SIFF feature, Baghead, which I actually saw. It wasn't bad at all.

Let's wish all of these showbiz people luck. They're better than us.

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