Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Et Tu, Dope Burger?

It also appears to be curtains for Dope Burger at 2nd & Bell. The former Noodle Ranch suddenly changed its format last fall and became a burger joint. I never went there and never heard anything good or bad about it. I guess that was part of the problem. Another problem was the name. Who wants a burger made out of dope? Not I, sweet people, not I for sure. I can understand the switchover to burgers, what with the competition from the Kushibar and Buddha (now defunct, as well), but Noodle Ranch was a neighborhood institution known for its yummy chow and terrible service. It chugged along for years, but quickly folded after the big change. There's a moral to this story: noodles do not equal burgers and vice-versa.

Things are not looking good for poor 2nd Avenue.


Anonymous said...

i'm pretty sure they're just temporarily closed due to the fire at lava lounge a few days ago.

and fyi the food is *incredible* there. i will be devastated if they are actually closed.

Anonymous said...

I actually disagree. The food is okay. When asked about it I told them that I felt some things were too undersalted and they acted like I was stabbing them in the back. The experience was enough to keep me from coming back.

I wanted to like them, but when I ask for some salt, don't take it personally, just bring me a salt shaker for my fries.

Anonymous said...

I hope they'll be around for a while. The food I've had there has been very tasty. (And untpretentious, and reasonably priced.) It's a pity about the name, but I really like the wall art they have inside - for me it's got an old Sit-n-Spin vibe going. Here's hoping!

Chris McEliece said...

There was a fire in Lava Lounge/Dope Burger. Not sure if they're closing or just need some repairs.

Anonymous said...

The food was amazing! and to more salt, get over yourself.