Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year!

Here are a few cell movies from the exploding Space Needle:

This was a spectacular display - the best one I've ever seen. I was watching from Denny Way, between 3rd & 4th. After it began, people just stopped their cars in the middle of the street and gawked. Hey, it was worth breaking the traffic rules of God and man to get a gander. I shot six little films, but then I just had to put the phone away and watch. Did I mention it was good? And the weird thing was that with all those thousands of people milling around Belltown, it really seemed like a city. Of course, I couldn't get to sleep on account of all the drunks hollering and whatnot, but hey, it's New Year's Eve. That's what happens when you live here. I mean, most people had to do all this advanced planning, hunt for extremely scarce parking, wedge themselves into a bar, spent a mint on drinks, watch the Needle explode from not the greatest vantage point and then swerve back to the burbs. Me, I drank wine at home, strolled over to Denny, watch the fireworks and strolled back. The end.

On a personal note, for the last five or so years, I've kept telling myself that the following year was going to be better. And each succeeding year has just been worse. Yeah, there was no reason to celebrate anything. But this year was different. It was better than any of the last five years. It may have been the best year of the decade. I got to go to Turkey twice, but not before doing some time in crappy Ukraine. But hey, my relatives are all fine people and it was fun hanging out with them, drinking with them, watching them get married, etc. If trends continue, 2011 will be even better. So it is possible for things to improve. Honest, it is. Happy New Year - and buy my calendar, willya?

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Anonymous said...

It is also, so I'm told, possible for things to IMprove...

(Squirrels make everything better. 2011 -- Year of the Squirrel!)