Sunday, January 30, 2011

Coming Soon to the Moore!

Showtunes! Oh, joy! To tell you the truth, I'm a big Irving Berlin fan. He was a guy who could only play in one key, but man, did he have chops. I'm certainly not going to this show. There's a big difference between a jazz standard and a showtune. It generally has to do with the arrangement. Showtunes are arranged with the vocals in the forefront, and a jazz standard is all about chord changes. So yes, I would probably not enjoy this thing, but feel free to go if you want.

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Anonymous said...

You can bet that not even one speckle of glitter appeared in this show without proper permission from his estate.

Each time I see our culture butcher another old standard or famous composition for commercial porpoises, the more I appreciate him and his heirs for their spotless record of contrariness.

- brian g