Sunday, December 19, 2010

The Calendar Is Here!

It's finished, folks! And just in time for 2011. Here are just a few of those featured Denny Park squirrels:

These and seven more handsome tree rodents can be yours for a mere $16.99. You can get your copy from the nice folks at Cafe Press. In case you missed that subtle hint, go here to purchase! Also available are two different t-shirts, if you should have the need for attractive squirrel-related fashions. I haven't made a decision about the shirts yet, but I'm definitely getting two calendars. Yeah, I'm buying my own stuff. That's how much I believe in it, sweet people. Did I mention that you can get it here? I did? Well, sorry for repeating myself. Thanks in advance for your patronage!


Anonymous said...

Just ordered mine. Cafe Press let me pay through PayPal, so the checkout process was fast and secure.

Anonymous said...

Received my beautiful calendar yesterday!!!!! Thank you Igor.

Igor Keller said...

Don't thank me; thank the squirrels. They're the real stars!