Friday, May 14, 2010

Phrasebook Phun

You know, I´ve been been trying to post photos from this wondrous, beautiful place to no avail. I´ve got two of the best minds in Patara working on it (Soner, the hotel owner, and his son, Hassan) and nada. But I was thumbing through my Turkish phrasebook and I came across some really bizarre stuff. Here are a few phrases you might find useful during your next trip to Turkey:

I´d like to learn some of your local dialects: Bu yörelerin şivesini öğrenmek istiyorum. (Yeah, even though I know only a few words of Turkish, teach me how to speak with a southern accent. That oughta go over well.)

Please use a new syringe: Lütfen yeni bir iğne kullanın. (Always useful.)

My child weighs 1000 kilos: Çocuğumun ağırlığı bin kilodur. (But other than that, he´s completely average.)

This is burnt and stale! Bu yanık ve bayat! (So far, everything I´ve gotten that has been burnt has been fresh.)

I like to explore wrecks: Batıklan incelemek istiyorum.

I do scuba wrestling: Ben aletli güreş yaparım.

You´re on your own as far as pronunciation goes. I´ll look for more useful phrases.

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