Tuesday, May 11, 2010

One Last Thing About Ukraine

Hey folks, it`s going to be a little while before I can post more Turkey shots (and they`re pretty spectacular), so I figured that I`d have one last parting shot at Ukraine. You know, I left less than a week ago and it`s like I was never there. Yeah, that`s how good of a time I`m having in Turkey. But here is one good thing about Ukraine: nobody has tattoos. In the whole country, I saw one tattoo parlor and it doubled as a shoe repair shop. There`s a stigma that accompanies tattoos over there. Unless you want your fellow convicts to know how many people you stabbed ın the eye, there`s really no point. So that`s a good thing. Here`s what will drive you nuts: the world`s worst ringtones. I swear to God. They`re just terrible. And they`re always at top volume. A lot of them are either Ukrainian hip-hop (unfortunately, it does exist), some lame-ass balladry from American Idol or something far worse. So there you go. The two things cancel each other out. The verdict? Ukraine still sucks.

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Kevin said...

Hopefully you're going to Istanbul!