Sunday, July 2, 2017

That's How It Feels Sometimes...

This was by 7th & Blanchard.  Yeah, as density increases, parking gets more scarce.  Me, I've got a car again, which means that I have to pay for parking.  When I first moved to Belltown, I managed to make do with street parking for years.  There were ways to game the system.  Now there aren't.  You'd go broke paying for parking tickets, so it's much cheaper to rent yourself a space in some garage.  Mine is a bit of a walk away from my place, but it's relatively cheap and it has 24-hr. access.  It's kind of weird being a more-frequent driver in this town.  If anything, Seattleites have become more timid drivers in the past few years.  Everyone seems very unsure of themselves.  And when that happens, they tend to hit the brakes.  Which is the root of all traffic problems - along with people on their phones or just plain not paying attention.  

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