Sunday, April 19, 2015

It's Here, It's Done

Coming soon to a college radio station near you - this album!  I got the CDs from the manufacturer this week.  Since I have to send 300 copies to stations, I spent a big chunk of the weekend putting discs in mailers and slapping on labels and stamps.  In case you're interested, postage for 300 CDs to the US (with a few going to Canada) is around $700.  Taylor Swift makes that in, like, a minute and a half, but for me, that's real money.  That figure drives home all the more that this is my most expensive album.  I can't say exactly how much, but the very real prospect that I'll get back nothing from this effort is truly depressing.  I mean, it's a really good album.  It's got 49 tracks, so you're bound to like something in there.  It hasn't quite been released on CD Baby; that's a few weeks away, but I do have quite a good feeling about it - as I did for all the others.  I don't expect KEXP to play anything on it.  That's fine, because this album features a real boss tune about blowing them up.  There's a lot of yelling, "Kaboom!" and such.  Fun!

Anyhow, when the great day of release arrives, I'll post a link.  You don't have to buy anything; just preview the damn thing.  It's good.  I wouldn't lie to you about that.

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