Sunday, July 13, 2014

Your Sunday Squirrel

Well, it's a few weeks later and there's the squirrel with the funny ear.  I'm super-sure his name is Bub.  I got a new iPhone this week and I was trying out the camera.  The thing is that you can edit the photo in the camera, but it doesn't come out that way when you export it.  I really zoomed in and the quality was still pretty good.  I can imagine that there's a way around this.  It's just that I never doctor photos.  I don't crop or do any of that.  They are as I took them.  With an iPhone, you'd have to get way too close.  The subject would scramble for the nearest tree.  For the time being, please imagine the squirrel being much bigger and the environment much smaller.

OK, so I was hoping to post about the Edmonds Fourth of July parade, but I haven't had time.  I won't be able to write anything till the end of the week.  It might be worth the wait.  There was conflict - not of the revolutionary sort, but rather Edmonds showed its crankier side and I made a stand against it.  Yeah, it was a study in heroism.  But for now, all you get is a squirrel with a bent ear.

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