Sunday, January 26, 2014

Your Sunday Squirrel

Although this shot isn't super in-focus, I like it very much.  Since it was too cold to run this morning, I decided to go to Denny Park instead.  I've been having phenomenal luck in the past few weeks.  I've been handing out hazelnuts to the squirrels and they have shown up in droves.  It's almost kind of creepy.  They seem to come from everywhere.  I mean, this morning there were so many of them that I lost count.  There were probably ten.  This fellow was one of them.  Note the expression of awe and reverence.  That's how he feels about hazelnuts.  But yes, he got his right after this shot.  I just wish my focus-bot was a little more on the ball.  If it was, this would be a calendar shot.  But alas, it is not to be.  Still, it's a lot better than this blurrel:
I went and saw the squirrel movie this weekend.  It's called The Nut Job.  It was OK, but I'm hoping it's not the best movie I'll ever see about squirrels.  I'm sure that somebody somewhere is making a better squirrel movie.  

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