Sunday, November 24, 2013

Your Sunday Squirrel

Here's more of last week's photo shoot.  It's very autumnal.  The cold weather has given the squirrels their winter coats.  They look kind of chubby, but they're just insulated.  By the way, the squirrel calendar still is very much available.  It is a fine testament to tree rodents.  Speaking of rodents, I'm currently pig-sitting.  Guinea pig-sitting.  My sister and nephews have blown town, so I get to entertain their guinea pig at my place.  That little guy really likes his greens.  He's quite a fan of celery.  My sister and I had guinea pigs as kids.  They were pretty fun.  They also smelled kind of bad.  This one is very pleasant.  He no longer fears me, since I give him much lettuce.  Here's a picture:
As far as rodents go, I still prefer squirrels, but guinea pigs are much more personable.  They're not especially smart, but they're not totally unpredictably crazy as squirrels.  In conclusion, rodents are interesting. 

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