Sunday, January 13, 2013

Your Sunday Squirrel

Here's a guy from a while ago.  Since the day after Christmas, I've been commuting to Seatac Airport to send people up to Alaska for a seafood company.  Despite the time involved in the commute, it was really fun.  I love riding the train.  But if I had to do it every day, I probably wouldn't like it so much.  No, the three-minute walk to this company's headquarters in the Darth Vader Building is preferable.  And on top of that, it's a fine place to work.  I'm still just temping there, but things might change in March.  Anyhow, now I have time to go to Denny Park again.  I saw one squirrel this morning and he wasn't friendly.  He just stared at me for a while and then ran up a tree.  Well, it's a free country.  I had a delicious peanut for him, so whatever.  Hopefully, there will be friendlier squirrels running around during my next visit. 

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