Sunday, January 13, 2013


Turn and face this train!  Well, things are changing on 6th Ave.  The outer reaches of Belltown are having the bejeezus developed out of them.  I'm not some NIMBY whiner, so I say that it's a good thing.  But such ventures come at a cost.  In this case, two rather sizable buildings are coming down:  The Sixth Avenue Inn and the King Cat Theater.  Observe:
They still haven't stripped out all the air conditioners yet, so it'll be a while till its date with the wrecking ball.  I heard from some old jazz guy that the lounge here (not always called the Tally-ho Sixth) used to feature some pretty hot players back in the eighties.  Well, even if it wanted to host today's jazz talent, it couldn't.  It's doomed.  And Jazz Alley is across the street.  They get national acts and they want you to keep your table conversation to a minimum.   
Back in the nineties, this place was a revival movie house, then nothing, then a Bollywood theater, then a death metal venue.  Now it's just doomed.  It will soon join its former across-the-street competitor, the UA, in theater heaven.  The UA was torn down and persisted for ages as an empty lot.  Now there are big happenings taking place on that entire Lenora-Blanchard block. 
The metal monsters are gathering to take the King down.  Although I'm sure what they're going ot build will be acceptable, I advise the King not to go quietly.  

Funny thing, a little bit ago I made the observation that nobody lives on 6th Ave. in Belltown.  But that will change very soon.   

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This is one of the three blocks where Amazon will be building major new office towers