Sunday, January 22, 2012

No Mo Sno

This was the only shot I took of the snow. I was headed to work on Wednesday morning. I'm sure the local news had much more compelling footage from the outlying areas. Here in Belltown, things were really quite normal. Of course, once the snow was over, this whole neighborhood was really kind of, well, ugly. That's OK. I don't live here for the scenery - although the Darth Vader Building is always quite compelling. I'm doing a temp job down on Western Ave. and I was the only one in my department to make it in this week. That's the thing about living and working here: you never have an excuse for weather-related absences. That's OK. My apartment was freezing anyway. So that was the snow. Here's a funny shot I took on Friday:

It's a snowman that's melting in back of the Taco del Mar at 1st & Blanchard. Poor Mr. Snowman! Well, he's in a better place now.

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