Sunday, November 20, 2011

The Calendar Is Here!

Behold, this year's cover-squirrel! He's Mr. April. There are 11 others, as well. Hey, what kind of calendar editor would I be if I didn't have squirrels for all 12 months? That's right, a pretty lousy one. But in this calendar we have some of the best Denny Park squirrels from this year. Here is a sampling:

This last shot is actually my computer's desktop. That's how much I like it. And as a matter of fact, this little fellow is not only Mr. October, he's also Mr. December. Yes, he was very friendly/hungry. You can see all next year's squirrels at my rather desolate Cafe Press store here. A full year of local squirrels will run you $16.99 plus shipping. Yeah, it ain't super-cheap, but I'll tell you, this year would have been a hell of a lot worse without squirrels telling me the date/day of the week. IF you feel so inclined, you can also purchase a t-shirt of this year's Mr. November. It's a very good shot of a rather sleepy-looking squirrel. I have one myself and I wear it all the time. OK, so once again, Sunday Squirrel Calendar at Cafe Press. They make wonderful gifts but sub-par Frisbees. Damn straight.


Anonymous said...

Just placed my order:
Qty Product ID Item Total
1 594907598 Your 2012 Sunday Squirrel Calendar $16.99

Subtotal $16.99
Shipping $5.25
Tax $2.11
Total $24.35

Adds up to about $2/month of daily enjoyment. Worth it to lighten up grey Seattle days such as this Thanksgiving week!

Igor Keller said...

Thanks very much. You know, last year I was my own best customer. I bought something like five and gave away four. Let me speak from experience by saying that they make the ideal gift.

Anonymous said...

Do you have them for sale anywhere around Belltown? I work right by you and would love a shirt but it'd be nice to see it before buying. I haven't had much luck with online clothes purchases.


Igor Keller said...

I'm afraid they're just through Cafe Press only. I wish some Belltown boutique would stock then, but alas.