Monday, November 7, 2011

Bird Swarm!

This, like many things, has nothing to do with Belltown. You know, I remember a few years back how there was this great push to eradicate starlings from the Seattle area. The argument was that they were a messy, invasive species and not good for much of anything. After all, they weren't colorful and didn't have an interesting song. Well, it turns out that if you get enough starlings together, pretty incredible things can happen. Here's how they behave out in the countryside. I swear, if you stare at it long enough, they will seem at times to be governed by a single intelligence. Oh, and please excuse the sappy Pachelbel Canon. That was not my doing.


Anonymous said...

Remember it well. One of the poor creatures died a hideous death on my condo deck at 1st & Blanchard. So very sad to be poisoned. RIP

Igor Keller said...

Who the heck would poison a starling?? That's not right. Just look at what they can do!

LisaKayLindsay said...

So amazing. Nothing like that but I never forget November of '99 when starlings did similar flying around first hill near my apartment. It was so wild seeing them fly back and forth in almost a swarm between my building and Horizon house near Virginia Mason. I was able to get some pictures. I of course had to take my window screens off to get good shots, but it scared me as many times I thought they'd fly in!