Sunday, March 27, 2011

Spring Has Sprung

Well, it was just a short time ago that the weather was so icky, I was pretty much trapped inside my apartment all week long. But that has changed. Instead of cold, rainy weather, we have somewhat warmer rainy weather. The photo above is the purple leaf plum at the corner of 2nd & Battery. It's really quite lovely. Unlike last year, the trees aren't blooming early and all at once. The pear trees on my block are slowly mustering blossoms. It matters little, though, because we all know that we're still in for several months of ickiness. Don't we all remember last year? I totally froze my ass on the Fourth of July. That was not cool. Anyhow, take a stroll and check out the purple leaf plums around the neighborhood. There are some nice ones on 1st between Battery & Wall. And keep an eye out on these cherry trees on Battery:

They don't look like much now, but they'll be really spectacular in another week or so. More photos of general bloomage will follow.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks, dear Internet person, for sharing your botanical knowledge of our neighborhood!! As I walk in your foot steps around Belltown, I'm always wondering what kind of tree is that one. Thank you for the enlightenment.