Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Battle of the Sponsors

Yesterday morning, I happened upon this as I passed the Showbox:

This was bound to happen. OK, so exactly who is sponsoring whom? Since Esurance is sponsoring Sasquatch and Verizon is sponsoring the launch party, does that mean Esurance is actually sponsoring Verizon? It's all so confusing. I think all those planning to go to Sasquatch should figure this question out before they go. You can't possibly know which corporations to be loyal to until you come up with an answer. I mean, they all want your money, but who is more true to indie music, the gigantic phone company or the very large insurance concern? It makes a difference, you know. Everybody knows that bands only make music to garner corporate sponsors. And the sponsors you support reflect your unique personality. Do you prefer cola over whiskey, or heavy equipment over hats? These are crucial decisions. Even with super-inflated ticket prices, these poor, poor, massive music festivals don't have a prayer of making mega-cash without giant corporations stepping in. All I can say is choose wisely.

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