Sunday, October 31, 2010

Patara, Pt. 3

As luck would have it, the next day was gorgeous. I spent the entire day at the beach. It was mostly deserted. Thank God, though, that those few folks there in the vicinity weren't old naked Germans. Sorry about the photo repetition, but this is what the scene looked like:

I never get tired of visiting this gigantic beach.

I told myself that if the weather held, I'd stay till the end of the week and then make my way to Istanbul on a dreaded night bus. The next day, however, was once again rainy and grim. I packed up and headed out. Unfortunately, Soner Zeybek wasn't around, so I'll have to save my goodbye to him till the next time. This entire trip had taken me away from most bustling tourist destinations. For a change of pace, I decided to go to two of the best known and most crowded: Ephesus and Troy.

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