Thursday, October 28, 2010

Patara, Pt. 1

Dalyan, though a wonderful, wonderful town, was having some weather trouble. Yes, there were some beautiful days, but there has been a lot of rain. I believe I already said that. After a miserable day at the beach (it was raining; I went swimming; it rained harder), I decided to go to Patara. When I was there in May, it was almost unbearably hot. There were many turtles. So I figured why not. I really like Patara. It's tiny and very friendly. Plus, there were many turtles.

As luck would have it, the weather was hot and beautiful when I arrived. I dropped my stuff at the fabulous Zeybek 2 Hotel and hit the shore. The beach was almost empty, except for several old naked Germans (no pictures - you're welcome). The water was warm (around 75 degrees) and body-surfable. Ah, glorious day. I learned in Dalyan that the sun is far less intense now than in May, so no sunscreen was necessary. I finished my book, The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo (a good read, that) and started on The Odyssey in preparation for a trip to Troy that may or may not happen. Last time around, I read The Iliad - there is no better book about the gods interfering in the lives of mortals who spend almost all their time killing each other. Unlike that work, The Odyssey starts slowly.

That evening, I sat up on the roof terrace and chatted with my hotelier, Mr. Soner Zeybek, a prince of a guy. He kept telling me, among many other things, that Patara never gets any rain. I sincerely hoped that was true. However, during the night there was a terribly violent thunderstorm: lightning, thunder, torrential rains and a power outage to top it all off. That set the stage for the next day's trip to Xanthos.

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Dino said...

Where's all the women? Did they turn into turtles?