Sunday, January 31, 2016

Your Sunday Squirrel

Well, I've been a terrible blogger.  And it's not because I have a terrible blog.  Pardon my silence.  I've been hammering out the latest album.  The first day of recording is this Friday.  In a bizarre turn of events, I'm going to be playing drums on five of the disc's thirteen tunes.  So there's been that, too.  I have this electro kit that has been wonderful for getting my chops up to muster, but can't actually duplicate the real drum experience.  So I've been renting a practice room in Ballard that contains one functional Tama four-piece set.  It's just the thing I need.  This next week will be more drumming, more singing, printing out parts and getting things generally in order.

It looks like this effort will take about four days to record and as many days to mix.  Last year's album was a monster: seven days to record, eight days to mix and three days to master - three days!  Well, I mean, there were 49 tracks to contend with.  This one has a paltry 13.  And it's got strings.  Since I had some somber tunes ready to go that had strings, I decided to make it a string extravaganza.  So there are 11 tracks with strings.  And it's going to be a fairly dour affair; there will be songs of failure, disastrous arrogance, awkwardness, extinction, creepiness and the perdition of the soul - to name just a few topics.  I hope I'll have a few session photos to post by next week.

For now, enjoy this squirrel from yesterday.  

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