Sunday, May 31, 2015

Your Sunday Squirrel

Here's a squirrel.  He's been eating a lot of dirt.  Enjoy!

Sunday, May 24, 2015

Your Sunday Squirrel

After all that running around at the playground, even squirrels have to take a break.  A few years back, the Parks Dept. put in some playground equipment at Denny Park.  They really wanted another segment of the population other than bums to visit.  Since then you do actually see children at the park.  Now there's a change of pace!  Sure, the bums are still there sleeping in the undergrowth and on the benches (and occasionally beneath the playground stuff), but it's nice to have the equipment there in case I feel like going down a slide.  I'd like to think that this squirrel and his friends play on the slide when nobody's around, but that's probably not the case.  They're just way too into trees.  That's their jam.  But let's just pretend like this squirrel rode the slide and is having a snack before more sliding.

Sunday, May 17, 2015

Your Sunday Squirrel

To the casual observer, this would seem to be the bottom half of last week's Sunday Squirrel.  It isn't.  This is a completely different squirrel in a different part of the park.  It's just a coincidence. His tail is different and everything.  Not the same squirrel.  

In Case You're Interested....

...and if you've got the time, I'm having a super-fun CD release party at the Rendezvous on May 27th from 7 to 9.  It's a Wednesday.  There'll be a real-live performance by yours truly.  Unfortunately, almost everyone who played on the disc has a gig that night, so I'm going to be doing a carefully-pruned set of past and present tunes with the lovely and talented Eric Verlinde at the keyboard.  Best thing about it is that it's free.  But be forewarned, I'm gonna really try hard to sell people CDs.  This is my sixth album, so there's has to be something in there that everybody's gonna like.  I mean, it's the law of averages.

Sunday, May 10, 2015

Your Sunday Squirrel

Most of my pictures aren't even as good as this.  Yes, I was trying to take a picture of the entire squirrel.  But, as we all know, squirrels move quickly for no apparent reason.  Sometimes they move quickly and suddenly stop.  That's what happened here.  When I hit the shutter button, he was standing on his hind legs looking expectantly at me.  By the time focus-bot groaned its last, this is what I got.  So enjoy this moderately in-focus tail.

What's Up with the Franklin?

The Franklin stands at 4th & Bell.  It's a staid old brick apartment building.  I'm sure it has its share of history and whatnot.  So imagine my surprise when it suddenly appeared in this condition:
Yeah, so the first story is boarded up and all the units appear to be vacant.  I think they're going to rehab the place.  Either that or they'll tear it down to make a building to house regeneration pods for all the incoming Amazon employees.  You heard it here first.

Sunday, May 3, 2015

Your Sunday Squirrel

I ran into at least six squirrels this morning.  This is the best of the shots I took.  They were all very skittish and prone to attack each other, so there was a lot of scrambling and general squirrelish behavior.  This guy was probably the boldest of the bunch and he was pretty impossible to get still.  But then he climbed the tree and this picture happened.  So yes, today was a fine day for squirrel photography.



Here is a short film about Penguins:
This is a very happy goat.
We went to see the new tigers, but they were sacked out, as were the otters and the northern tree shrews.  But the sloth bears were in fine form.

Flight to Mars...

...on Friday.
I've never been a UFO fan, but some people really dig them.  There are enough to fill up the Showbox on a Friday night.  I was there.  It was fun.  It was also loud.