Sunday, October 18, 2015

I'm a Drummer - Again

And these are my drums!  Yeah, I bought them two weeks ago.  I actually was pretty good back in the day, but apartment living did not permit me to continue with them.  There was, however, a time a few years back when I had some very loud kids and their ineffectual parents living up above me and nearly every day I vowed to borrow a drum kit so I could return their excessive noise in kind.  That didn't happen, but they moved to another unit, so that was the end of my drum ambitions for the time - even if I wanted a set for the wrong reasons.  Then a few months ago, a very good drummer let me know that this set was up for sale.  It took me a while to clear space, but now it's mine.  Yes, it's an electronic kit.  You have to wear headphones, otherwise it just sounds like tapping.  That's the best thing about it; I can play anytime and nobody hears.  Now, there are a lot of things that it can't do and the feel isn't exactly the same as a real set, but it does let you build some real drum chops.  It's also really good exercise.  And it promises to keep me warm this winter.  Oh, and I plan to play drums on my next album.  That's my hope.  Wish me luck.