Sunday, March 1, 2015

Fists & Fury

Here's another reason to love the Cinerama: they're showing kung fu and samurai films till next Wednesday.  So far I've gone once, to Drunken Master.  The marquee is wrong, The Legend of Drunken Master is the sequel; this is the original.  Both have Jackie Chan, but the original is just filled with gleeful rudeness.  There's a whole lot of farting and barfing.  And of course, Jackie Chan (with his dorky eighties haircut) is spectacular but not as charming as he would be in later movies.  He's actually pretty bratty, but hey, that's the character of the film, whose message is: if you drink while you fight, you can't lose.  Damn straight.

In just a few minutes, I'm off to a showing of Seven Samurai.  I've seen it many times in theaters and at home, but never on a screen this big.  It's my favorite film of all time.  I also think that it's the best movie ever made.  So yeah, I'm pretty excited.

Tomorrow night is Black Belt Jones, a horribly cheesy cross-exploitation film.  I can't wait.    

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