Sunday, June 16, 2013

Your Sunday Squirrel

Here's a fellow from a short while ago.  I spent all this last week writing music, so I should have had time to venture over to Denny Park on a break, but alas, I did not.  I was so looking forward to finishing a bunch of songs.  And while that did happen (and then some), it turned out to be quite difficult.  There are still certain details in finished tunes that don't sound right, so now I have to take additional time and correct them.  Well, I do have the time, as I'm not going to record till early next year.  I was thinking about recording again in August, but since my album is currently being played at quite a few stations around the country, I want to give it a chance to sink in.  Of course, since I'm always writing music (I'm currently in the middle of about 15 different tunes), putting something out is the top priority.  I love recording and it's a joy to spend time in the studio.  Unfortunately and additionally, I can't afford to do anything this summer.  That's fine.  By next year, I'll once again have the funds.  And the great thing is that I'm constantly reshaping this new album.  It's gonna super-fine.  You have my word on it.  Enough about music.  Enjoy the squirrel.    

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