Sunday, April 7, 2013

Say Goodbye to the King

Take a last look:
They've had a weird scaffold around the place for the last few weeks, scraping the stucco off the exterior.  I dunno, doesn't that seem a bit strange?  Anyhow, I saw Gone with the Wind and Spartacus here.  I know, back in the day, they used to show those films on Sunday afternoons.  Spartacus would run for four hours, GWTW for five.  I never watched them.  So much talking.  Well, I finally saw them at the King.  And I haven't seen either one since.  Godspeed, King Theater.  In a year, no one will remember you, except for me. 

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TripTrumpet said...

I saw a couple of bands play there back in the day. It's always sad to see these places go, like the UA. Faded glories no more. Sniff.