Sunday, March 24, 2013

Your Sunday Squirrel

The work on the album continues.  Of course, my part of it has been done for more than two weeks.  I just need to have it mastered.  The manufacturing process follows.  I'm going to hire a radio promoter this time around.  For the previous two albums, I've relied on myself and trusted colleagues to get the word out.  That was ineffective because none of us possessed the necessary ruthlessness.  This is not such a bad thing.  I think we'd all rather concentrate on other stuff.  It's just such a frustrating experience.  It's better left to the professionals.  I look forward to that.

Anyhow, this fellow is the same one from two weeks ago.  This is just a different pose.  He was quite twitchy and evasive, but you can't tell from this photo - or the one from two weeks ago. 

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