Sunday, August 12, 2012

Founders' Days!

Well, it's back after taking last year off. And the weather was perfect. Once again, they blocked off 2nd from Battery to Blanchard and set up booths like so: It may be my imagination, but I'm thinking there might have been fewer booths this year from two years ago. Things like this are supposed to evolve into bigger things. Anyhow, I suppose it's the thought that counts. Here they are building the stage yesterday morning: Today there was a soul cover band that played for damn nearly two hours (or so it seemed). I didn't go down and see them, as it seems that I've contracted a cold - yes, in the middle of summer. But those guys sounded pretty fantastic from where I was languishing. One of the most unique things about this is that there are people wandering around dressed in 19th-century costumes and playing up their parts in the foundation of Belltown. Yeah, that was fun. And the really great thing is that many of the neighborhood's crazier folk stayed away. So hooray for Founders' Days!

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Anonymous said...

Actually, there were more vendors than the first time, but only by a couple. The stage was smaller though, but the first one was way bigger than necessary. Oh there were fewer non profit tables.

Just sayin.