Sunday, May 13, 2012

Another Week, Another Running-Thing

OK, so last week it was the March of Dimes. And that was quite nice. This week it's the Color Run. From the hastily-snapped photo above, you can tell there were many people. Yes, and they were quite supportive. So very supportive. OK, I was already up, but next year, maybe an hour later with all the supportiveness might be best. Perhaps all of my 2nd Avenue neighbors would agree. Nobody's gonna argue that it's for a good cause - Ronald McDonald House - and that people had fun and colors of some kind were sprayed on them, but maybe later next year, as 8:00 on a Sunday morning is a bit early for this kind of activity, yes? I look forward to the next opportunity for people to wear t-shirts and cheer each other on. And I hope that it will begin at 9:00.

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